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Gabriel Lowe24 Oct - 14:43
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Chiswick's Senior Coaches have ambitious hopes...

With a well earned rest period this weekend, let’s introduce you to the men in charge… Karim, Toums and DJ come as a package and for the past 2 seasons they have been inspirational in building a professional yet friendly environment for the players at the club.

“After the disappointing finish to last year, where we came just short of promotion. Our only goal this season is to win the league and build on the new Chiswick rugby club.
We want to bring ambition, commitment and competence .
We are not coaching rugby, we are coaching 40 + different personalities. Giving every session a challenge in understanding how to approach teaching the sport.” KJ

“It's my first coaching role and now into my second season at the club and really enjoying the challenge! I'm learning everyday and we want to test ourselves as players and coaches to just keep improving, on and off the field.
It's such a great club and a great squad we are building now. The work rate and passion from the lads is great and I'm looking forward to another successful season!” JT

“Working as part of the coaching team at Chiswick has been an absolute pleasure. As coaches, we’ve found the group to be extremely hard working, responsive to feedback and always looking to improve, which is all your can ask for! I really enjoy the challenge of helping individuals and the team improve and be successful. We’ve got a great team here which I’m proud to be a part of.” DJ

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