The Maroon Club

The Maroon Club

C.R.F.C.’s monthly club raffle, open to all and run by club members.

Last Sunday of every month 1230 – 1400

Chiswick Rugby Clubhouse

The chance to win cash prizes of up to £500 every month + free beer / wine to members on draw day (1230 – 1400).

Why not?
No reason !!

Prizes can be paid by bank transfer or cheque, your choice, all we need is your bank details or your address.

What's the catch?
There isn’t one, 2 drinks and you are ahead even before the draw.

Where do I sign?
Contact Tony (Bimbo) Gilson, Maroon Club Manager
or speak to any Committee Member.

All proceeds from this go directly into the club’s funds so it’s a great way to help your club and have a bit of fun yourself.

Tony Gilson – 07876500880 /